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    If You Can Talk, You Can Sing; If You Can Walk, You Can Dance.

    So yes, in case you wonder this is my other business and my passion, music. I had redesign this website so many times, I even had a flash version of it. Well here is the latest version and last as I really like this one a lot.





    One Mean Burger

    This client had a website already but they need it something more modern, so I they hired me to design and develop their new site. One of the of my favorite things about this design is that every page has a different background and that it matches the main colors of their logo (Yellow, Red, and Blue). Also the full background image rotates giving you an illusion of movement. Check it out



    Acupuncture & Birth Services

    This is one of those sites that when the client approach me with their idea of “circles” I was kind of skeptical about how this will look as I had seen this type of design before and I have to admit I don’t really like it. But hey it actually works. I specially like the background we use, as the client is a Acupuncturist and a Doula and Japanese, which I guess we can all agree that we manage to show the intentions on this design.


    Note: This website was also part of a campaign for the client to boost her business, so I had to create a complete identity for her. I created Banner to hang on her shows, new business cards, Car Door Magnets for her vehicle, Postcards for her clinic, plus stickers to pass around. The result: The business is doing awesome !!!



    A Window To Sonoma County Real State

    Now here is one of those projects that starts in one direction and end up in a completely different one. This supposed to be a regular static website, but it end up becoming a Blog Website, as the client wanted to have her feeds from Instagram showing on the home page and side bars. I really enjoyed working on this project, specially the footer as this real state agent lives out in Petaluma, CA, so I outlined some elements of the farmlands of Petaluma and made it a footer, just to add a little spice to a simple yet beautiful design.


    Here is one of my first projects after finishing my classes at Santa Rosa Community Collage. Deborah had a previous website, which was functional, but was lacking the beauty and new capabilities of web design. This website was built with the idea of an open book using the width of the end user browser instead of the height. I created custom internal page scrolls as a way to have the content fixed on the main content box. This still an ongoing project as the client needs changes to the site periodically for her retreats and classes.


    Continuous Renewable Electricity for Today, Tomorrow and Beyond

    Now this is it. I was afraid that this website wasn't up, but it was. So this the very first website I ever design and developed. I believe I did this project right after graduating with an Associates degree at Santa Rosa Junior College. The client at that time contacted me with an idea about renewable electricity, nothing more. I remember going like Oh boy I don't even know where to start. But soon enough ideas came crushing in and the final result was this beautiful project. One of the cool things about this project was that back then, there was this extension where you could edit the site on your browser and I implemented this, as the client wanted total control on the content of the website. Also later on I started to used jQuery for dropdowns. I contacted my client a year ago to see if he wanted to upgrade his website and he just said, No I am totally please with it, but thank you. So I guess I hit the jackpot with this one.

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    Hello, my name is Ariel Garcia Monterrey. I arrived from Cuba in 2002 as an artist and musician. I have translated my passion for painting and composition into design and coding and enjoy the inspiration afforded to my art and trade. As a Web Developer and Designer for the past 10 years, I specialize in Front-End Web Development. My aim is to create vibrant and innovative designs while keeping web standards and usability at the forefront. With access to a vast knowledge base of experience, I am creative and resourceful in problem solving. While detail oriented, I am capable of balancing several projects with efficiency, solid production and musical grace.

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    Yume Takeuchi, L.Ac. from Acu-Doula

    "Ariel has been amazing to work with and I am extremely happy with my new website. I came to Ariel to revive my former website as I felt it wasn't as 'current' as it should be. The new design and layout is beyond what I had envisioned and captures exactly what I was going for...modern, eye-catching, and user-friendly. Ariel's suggestions were essential in creating the new&improved version of my website and the feedback I am getting from it is proof of his skills. I appreciated that he was patient with all of my requests and prompt in making changes. I look forward to hiring Ariel again."

    Sarah Seitchik from Resource Sonoma

    I have been working with Ariel Garcia on and off for years with various projects. he is always right on board with all of my design ideas and really understands what i want. He is efficient and always on time with his delivery. Ariel is talented and creative. He is my go to web developer!!!

    Deborah Burkman from Deborah Burkman Yoga

    LOVE the site! Ariel did such a beautiful job. I've gotten tons and tons of positive feed back! He is super talented! Thank you sooo much for doing this for me. It would not have happened with out you!

    Richard Lemon e-Commerce Marketer at Jalema b.v. | Office Supplies | Archief Oplossingen

    Ariel has a superb skill in solving problems. Everything needs to be pixel-perfect. Not only will he do it the right way, he will do it at a fast pace. He is a great team player and a wonderful person to work with. I can recommend him wholeheartedly!

    Alexis Kestler, Owner, Designer at Minn and Madeline

    During the time that I worked with Ariel I found him to be of a much higher skill set then others in the same position. His design skills excel. He is an "out of the box" creative. Ariel has personality which adds to the experience of working with him. When working with Ariel you can feel confident that he will deliver.

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    Don't be afraid to reach out. You + me = awesome!!!